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Research and Technology

The Introduction of the Research and Technology Vice Chancellor Department:

Dr. Arash Azizi

Research and Technology Vice Chancellor of the Islamic Azad University

Dr. Ladan Hafezi

Research Manager

-         Research Area

The research area contains the management and research experts who study, checkout, and record the research plans, students’ and residents’ proposals and the researches of the abroad students.

-         ICT Area

The Information and Communication Technology Area contains management, software and statistics unit, hardware, network, security and internet sites.

-         Library

-         Planning and Budget office

-         Journal of Research in Dental and Maxillofacial Sciences

-         Laboratory

-         Young Researchers Club

The Research and Technology Office, with research committee has an active study on the research projects below:

1.     The Research Council of the Unit

2.     Proposal and Thesis Checking Committee

3.     Ethics Committee

4.     Publications Committee

In this chancellor, an accurate planning and supervision apply during preparation, writing, and presentation of the proposals and thesis. All of the plans and the suggestions of the faculty members, according to the several research council sessions, would be checked out and finally get approved in the Research and Technology office. This office with forming the Ethics Committee, performing a great development in upgrading the quality of the human studies in Dental university. It should be noted that the published essays and books which gain the stipulated conditions in the circular, will have some prizes as well. In this office, some different educational workshops are attended for faculty members and the students as Young Researchers Club Workshops, and also in order to improve the scientific level of the Dental Branch, this office have held the National Dental Conference in the form of annual congresses with the companionship of the other chancellors. One of the most important activities of this office is making available the archive of the considerable dental magazines in the site unit, which is a procedure for faculty members and students to research. Putting the up-to-date CV’s of the faculty members is a scientific way of connection between professors and colleagues in other universities. This office provides the opportunity for students to corporate in the professors’ research projects. The Research and Technology office intends to achieve several scientific projects with fewer costs by the establishment of several different research institutes, as well.

The office is ready to answer the students’ questions about research affairs, on Tuesdays at 10:30-14:00.