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the Introduction of the Cultural Vice Chancellor

The Cultural Vice Chancellor

The Cultural Vice Chancellor of the Islamic Azad University, Dental Branch, at a glance:

The Cultural Vice Chancellor Name:

Mr. Hossein Rafiei

Education and Field of Study:

M.S. in Jurisprudence and Principles from Qom Seminary

Birthday Date: 1960- Tehran/ Iran

Position: Cultural Vice Chancellor

Part time from 1988 till now


Resume in the Islamic Azad University

1. Position: the Chief of the Islamic Culture Office- Name of the Unit: Shahr-e-Ray 1988-2006

2. Position: The group Manager of the Islamic Sciences- Name of the Unit: Shahr-e-Ray 1990-1997

3. Position: The Chief Editor of the Zakaria Season Article- Name of the Unit: Shahr-e-Ray 1991-2006

4. Position: The Cultural Vice Chancellor- Name of the Unit: Dental Branch 2006 till now

5. Position: The Secretary Supervisor of the Publications Committee in 8th Region 2005-till now

6. Position: The Member of the Cultural-Political Committee ( the subset of the Islamize Universities Council): Central Organization of the Islamic Azad Universities 2006 till now

The History of the Cultural Vice Chancellor

The Cultural Department of the Dentistry Unit has been changed in organization chart, by the supervisor of the Islamic Culture and divided to a vice chancellor position, whom Mr. Rafiei take the responsibility of Cultural Vice Chancellor from 2005 till now. During these 9 years, many honors as: National Championships, Academic Journals, Pray, Cultural Articles and … has achieved.

 The Subsets of the Cultural Vice Chancellor:

- Quran and Itrat Central Office

- Pray Champaign Office

- Leisure Activities Office

- Central Affairs and National- Religious Association Office

- Institutions Office and Students Associations

The Main Cultural, Social Activity Areas and Some of the Goals:

- Religion and Ethics ( beliefs, provisions, ethics, spirituality)


1. Concentrating on wisdom, and religious decorum with the goal of raising a devout man and creating a religious community

2. Development of religious thoughts with attractive right way and in the case of new forms and templates

3. The promotion of the 3 fundamental ethic principles: veracity, promise fulfillment and trusteeship 

4. Organizing the religious manner and acting to the religion provisions in the university camp such as congregational prays, chastity, hijab , and … based on wisdom and internal attitudes not just apparent and sentenced

5. Reinforcing the religious manner of resurrection

6. Separating the wisdom attitudes and thoughts by shame assistance

7. Reinforcing unification and fraternity in the light of Islam

8. Respecting human dignity, Islamic sects and Divine religions

9. Providing the religious liberal thinking area


Social Participation (religious affairs, political affairs, social affairs)


1. Utilizing the academicians abilities in order to increase the community health and decreasing inconveniences

2. Increasing the wisdom of the academicians about the social and political affairs.

3. Development, promotion and utilization of social wealth

4. Reinforcing and protection of the grassroots organization, campaigns, associations, religious attitudes and publications

5. Reinforcing the social affair rules


The Staffs and the Positions:

- Islamic Culture supervisor (pray): Mr. Morteza Kooshkestani

- Ladies Cultural Expert: Ms. Nasrin Noori

- Quran and Itrat Center Expert: Ms. Marziyeh Fazli

- Leisure Activities Expert: Ms. Maryam Haghighikhah

Address and Phone Lines:

Building No.2, 2nd Floor, No.4, 10th Neyestan, Pasdaran Ave. Tehran/ Iran

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.