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Removable Prosthesis

Staffs: 3 persons (Ms. Yarmohammadi, Ms. Masoumi, and Ms. Tehrani) and 1 service (Mr. Nouri)

Faculty Members: 18 persons (8 tuition teachers: ladies:  Dr. Memaran, Dr. Mazaheri, Dr. Zamani, Dr. Ziaie, and Gentlemen: Dr. Daneshvar, Dr. Nasir, Dr. Sarbazi, Dr. Neshati) 10 full time professors: (Ladies: Dr. Ansari, Dr. Ebadi, Dr. Badri, Dr. Khabiri, Dr. Zadparvar, Dr. Mehraban, Dr. Nematollahi and Gentlemen: Dr. Khorsand, Dr. Sazvar, and Dr. Mobini)

Educational Space:

27 units- Professors’ Office- Conference Room- Checkroom